For Therapists and Employee Assistance Programs

Audio hypnosis downloads for therapists

Applied Metaphors audio downloads are power tools designed for modern life. We built these products specifically for knowledge workers and people in the tech community, but you can also use them with patients in your practice or employee assistance program. Each download contains an optimal blend of trusted personal change audio technologies including Ericksonian hypnosis and Therapeutic Metaphors that will help your patient achieve their goals more quickly.

UNHOOKED will help your patients break free from social media. 

Social media app companies have created addictive features in their products by purposefully using behavioral triggers in their apps' design. These addictive features are continuously tweaked and modified by iteration at scale for maximum impact on users .

Generally speaking, the addictive components of social media apps impact a users' unconscious mind, which leads to automatic behaviors like unconsciously and automatically clicking on notification icons, or turning a brief visit to social media into a multi-hour engagement hole: "the next thing I knew, a couple of hours had passed...".

The UNHOOKED audio download was carefully crafted to help your patients disengage from social media. You can use UNHOOKED as an adjuvant therapy with your existing treatment programs, as a homework task for your patient, for example. UNHOOKED is designed to help your patients use all the tools available to them, including your own counselling, to help them cut back or quit damaging social media use.

Using UNHOOKED is simple: listen to the audio session once a day for a week, and then once a week for a month.  A simple and easy to follow homework assignment for your patients. All a person needs is a set of headphones or earbuds and an audio player or phone that can play audio files.

It's an ideal tool to challenge or block the addictive components and triggers baked into current and future social media apps.I recommend you try UNHOOKED yourself before you recommend it to your patients. We all could use less social media!

There is a lot going on in the UNHOOKED audio session. Hypnosis is a powerful but gentle tool that can address automatic behaviors and reframe beliefs. Simply put, the UNHOOKED download includes a hypnotic induction as well as Left and Right stereo channel separated therapeutic metaphors to break through any resistance or blocks.

When the therapeutic metaphors begin, patients find they can't listen to both channels at once so will switch their attention back and forth or try to pick one channel to listen to. Before or during the metaphors, your patient will go into a trance state or state of focused attention. While in a trance state, therapeutic messages are delivered into each channel separately, but the messages also interact in a unified way across the L/R channel split.

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