FAQ UNHOOKED Break Free from Social Media Audio Download

UNHOOKED is an audio download from Applied Metaphors that combines advanced therapeutic metaphors, Ericksonian hypnosis and a deep state of meditation to help you reduce or eliminate your use of social media.

Why do you want to get people off social media?
We only want to give people back their ability to choose. And, we want to give people the internal tools they need to control the amount of social media they use, no matter what addictive technologies social media companies bake into their products. Our UNHOOKED audio session was carefully designed for this specific purpose.

Stories are coming out daily now about how social media companies are abusing our data, or how they have built addictive components into their products to force people into an endless cycles of 'engagement'. The studies are now in and it's clear that social media use makes people unhappy.

But what nearly every news story has missed, however, is the enormous loss of productivity caused by these social media products. People's attention is being defocused away from their careers, businesses, friends and families into a world of artificially manufactured engagement. 

We built UNHOOKED so people can take back control of their lives. Imagine if you could have an extra hour or more a day to grow your business, to spend with your family and friends, or to get ahead and achieve your goals?

Will I be able to use social media platforms after using UNHOOKED?
Yes. We originally designed UNHOOKED for knowledge workers and the tech community; people who may have to use social media products as part of their job or business. UNHOOKED resets your relationship with social media to put you back in control. It is designed for people who have to use social media without getting lost in it.

Can anyone use Applied Metaphors audio products?

Do I need to know how to meditate?
Not at all.

Meditation states, trance states, what?
All are various states of consciousness. These states can feel similar, but what is important is that your ability to learn, change and grow is enhanced when you are in meditative or trance states.

Are Applied Metaphors audio downloads safe?
Absolutely. Our audio sessions are safe and effective.

How do I use your audio downloads?
Listen to our audio sessions once a day for a week and then once a week for a month. After that you can listen to the audio session as needed for a boost.

In the case of our UNHOOKED audio download, we have split it into two tracks: an introduction and the main session. We recommend you start off by listening to both tracks once a day for a week, and then listen to track 2 once a week for a month. For UNHOOKED you need to use headphones and you need at least 36 minutes of undisturbed time during the day, or you can use our audio sessions in the evening, just before you drift off to sleep.

Why use hypnosis as tool for personal growth and change?
In our lives we sometimes acquire unconscious processes that no longer serve us as they should. In the case of social media use; these unconscious processes are installed in our minds by tech companies as we use their services. They install cues and triggers below your level of awareness to unconsciously force you to use their services.

Hypnosis is a tool that allows you to get your hands back on the control dial of your automatic experiences. It will allow you to turn down the addictive parts of the social media experience while turning up the productivity in other areas of your life.

How is Ericksonian hypnosis different from other hypnosis?
Many books have been written about this but briefly, Milton H. Erickson was an American physician and psychotherapist who developed an indirect style of hypnosis that is gentle and effective. There are also substantial philosophical and technical difference between Ericksonian hypnosis and traditional styles of hypnosis. In tradition hypnosis - often called the authoritarian approach - the hypnotherapist tells the person what to do. We don't use the authoritarian style.

Ericksonian hypnosis, on the other hand, is described as non-authoritarian, indirect, permissive and solution-oriented. With Ericksonian hypnosis, a person's own inner resources are marshalled and focused by the person to facilitate effortless change and growth. Ericksonian hypnosis is a holistic, gentler, more effective approach ideally suited for these modern times and it's the method we use in all our audio sessions.

At a certain point in your audio sessions, different stories are coming through the left and right sides of my headphones. Is this normal?
Yes, this is exactly as it should be. Better than normal!

I am impressed with my increased productivity after using UNHOOKED. Do you offer quantity discounts so I can share this audio tool with my employees?
Quantity discounts are available. Get in touch with us.

I am a therapist or I run an employee assistance program. How can I get multiple copies of your UNHOOKED product? 
Get in touch.

I am a health, business or tech journalist. Can I get a copy of your audio download for review?
Perhaps. Please contact us.

Where are Applied Metaphors audio products made?
Our products are made with love in Toronto Canada. They are used by people all over the world.

What does Alex's voice sound like?
Here is a small sample.