Do You Need a Social Media Detox?

Get a social media detox with UNHOOKED

Do You Need a Social Media Detox?

The studies are in, and everyone agrees that social media is making people unhappy

News stories are coming out every day about social media companies taking advantage of users by exploiting their privacy and selling or trading their private data.

Isn't it about time for a social media detox?

People are feeling very differently about using social media these days. One user complained of feeling 'dirty' after going to check her phone for just a second and ending up being trapped in a 3 hour vortex of distraction, time she will never get back. It probably isn't a coincidence that people are called 'users' of social media. It's time for a social media detox, and detoxing from social media is easier than you think.

Most people haven't tried to quit or reduce social media use because it's such a daunting prospect. What can you do? Where do you even start? What if you don't want to quit social media but just want to reduce your use?

When people do try to quit social media, they find that even cutting back is nearly impossible. They've invested so much time in social media already and use of the apps seem perpetual. It turns out that the app companies have been building habit forming technologies into their products to keep people engaged, and this has now become a large barrier to reducing social media use.

We've developed UNHOOKED; a unique audio product to help you effortlessly reduce your social media use. UNHOOKED is a 30 minute audio download that you listen to once a day for a week, and then once a week for a month. UNHOOKED gets you into a very deep meditative state by combining suggestion and therapeutic metaphors which give you the internal tools you need to go on a social media detox. UNHOOKED also clears out many of the habit forming technologies the app companies installed while you used the apps.

Using UNHOOKED is the easy way to do a social media detox.

We designed UNHOOKED for knowledge workers: people who may have to use social media products in their daily lives, but UNHOOKED will work for you too. UNHOOKED will help you reclaim your life from social media while still enabling you to use social media, if you must, for your career, life, or business.